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"If this is the solution, I want my problem back."

This website tries to become a collection of resources pointing out reasons against systemd and what alternatives are available.

What is systemd?

systemd claims to be a good and modern replacement for SysVinit ‐ a so called init daemon. Usually the init daemon is the first process spawned by the kernel and thus has the PID #1 and is responsible for spawning other daemons which are necessary for the OS to operate, e.g. networking, cron, syslog etc.

List of init daemons*:

*inactive: No development activity has occurred for several years.

What is so bad about systemd?

List of notable bugs and security issues:

Other issues arising around systemd:

How do I get rid of systemd?

Free your system by replacing systemd with an alternative init system. Here are a few guides on how to do that:

‐ Alternatively you can use Linux distributions which do not use systemd by default:

A good summary about most of the beforementioned distributions can be found here.

You can also consider changing to BSD derivates:

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